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VETS Governmentwide Acquisition Contract Overview

The Veterans Technology Services (VETS) Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is a small business set-aside contract for service-disabled veteran-owned (SDVO) small technology firms. It is the result of Executive Order 13360 that is designed to strengthen federal contracting opportunities for SDVO technology firms. VETS presents a new way for federal agencies to achieve small business goals through purchase of Information Technology solutions from small businesses owned by services-disabled veterans.

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C2 VETS GWAC Pricing Information

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To visit the GSA Small Business GWAC Center GWAC website, go to www.gsa.gov/sbgwac 

For more information regarding the VETS GWAC, go to www.gsa.gov/vetsgwac 

GSA’s Ordering Guide for the GWAC, go to http://www.gsa.gov/portal/mediaId/150011/fileName/VETS_GWAC_Ordering_Guide.action

For more information, please contact Brian Newell at 703.395.5111 or email us at vets@c2sginc.com

VETS GWAC Features

• Five-year base period with one, five-year option
• Ordering procedures based on Fair Opportunity (FAR 16.505)
• $5 billion program ceiling
• Two functional scope areas:
- Systems Operations & Maintenance
- Information Systems Engineering

VETS GWAC Benefits

• Federal agency assistance in meeting 3 percent goal for contracting with service-disabled veteran-owned firms
• Pre-competed, easy to use contracts
• Short procurement lead time
• Training and support from VETS GWAC acquisition team
• Increased contracting opportunities for small business
• Limited protestability

VETS GWAC Delegation of Ordering Authority

Federal buyers wanting to use the VETS Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) must receive training on the proper use of VETS contract and be granted a written delegation of ordering authority (Delegation) signed by a VETS GWAC Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) prior to competing for and issuing VETS GWAC task orders.

The training may take as little as 15 to 20 minutes. Delegation is required by GSA's Quality Assurance Plan in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget guidelines, and the Delegation training helps contract officers use the contract more effectively. Delegation can only be granted to warranted Ordering Contracting Officers (OCOs), but all individuals involved with an order are encouraged to participate in the training.

Delegation is easy to request and is routinely handled through a brief conference call with a VETS GWAC PCO provided the parties being trained have internet access during the training.

To start the process, Contracting Officers interested in becoming VETS GWAC OCOs need to submit the following information to vetsgwac@gsa.gov:

1) Agency name, individual(s) full name, street address, e-mail address, phone number and fax number for each Contracting Officer requesting VETS GWAC delegation of ordering authority.

2) Scan and e-mail a copy of each Contracting Officer's warrant to the names listed above or copies may be faxed to (816) 823-1608.

3) Names of other individuals who may be participating in the training (Please note: These additional individuals, if not Contracting Officers, are not eligible to receive delegation of ordering authority.)

4) Upon receipt of this information, a VETS GWAC PCO will contact the Contracting Officer(s) to set up a training date and time.

After the training is completed, the Delegation memorandum will be sent to the contracting officer. Upon bilateral execution, the contracting officer will be a VETS GWAC OCO.

VETS GWAC User Training

A group webinar is being planned for all those persons who already have a Delegation for one or more of the other Small Business GWAC Center Contract Vehicles, e.g., 8(a) STARS and the HUBZone GWAC. Existing customers who have already contacted the Small Business GWAC office and sent their warrants will receive an e-mail inviting them to the group training. New customers will receive invitations via e-mail to individual training.

For more information regarding the VETS GWAC contract please visit www.gsa.gov/vetsgwac .


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