Corporate Experience

Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded C2 a five-year contract to provide labor, materials, and supplies necessary to supply financial support services to the DHS S&T FBD six branches: Budget Branch, Acquisition Branch, Financial Services Branch, Financial Operations Branch, and Internal Controls Branch. The purpose of the contract is to maximize the efficient use of the DHS S&T assets by improving business processes and tracking costs more effectively. In order to achieve this, C2 provided the DHS with Financial, Managerial, and IT consulting services along with Application Development, Financial Auditing, and System Management skills.

Transportation Security Administration

Under this contract, C2 Solutions Group provided financial and auditing personnel to ensure the quality of the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) financial data and reporting, financial system accuracy, and promote an educated audit opinion. C2's responsibilities included formal periodic financial reporting, reconciliation of key accounts and funds, and statistical analysis. The processes associated with producing reliable financial statements were compliant with Federal Accounting Standards and Public Laws, and included the preparation and support of financial estimates for TSA.

Department of Health and Human Services

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), hired C2 to assist the Office of Operations (OO)/Office of Financial Policy and Controls (OFPC)/Internal Controls Division (ICD) in providing expert business reviews and financial management assessments. These reviews and assessments pertained to the internal control over financial reporting, internal control over operations and compliance, and miscellaneous controls and operations. C2 provided financial expertise in the development and implementation of these components, along with project management, project planning, and various other areas of expertise throughout the rest of the system.

Department of the Air Force

The Department of the Air Force awarded C2 a contract to provide Resource Management, Fire Maintenance, and Information Technology Support to the Det 1, 823rd Red Horse Squadron SILVER FLAG exercise site at Tyndall AFB. C2 was responsible for managing the Financial planning of the program, executing day-to-day financial ledger keeping, reviewing and analyzing the results, and developing an integrated financial planning and report processing system. In order to do so, C2 provided experienced financial advisers, software developers/engineers, managers, and accountants that were able to exceed the expectations of the contract.

Department of Transportation

C2 was awarded a five-year contract to improve the Information Technology (IT) system of the Department of Transportation (DoT). C2 provided qualified technical writers, enterprise architects, and system engineers to assist in creating, editing, collecting, and organizing information required for operation. C2's support included operational management, quality assurance, software development and engineering, and managerial consulting. In addition, C2 was responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining the system along with supervising the enterprise architecture of the entire operation.

Securities and Exchange Commission

Within the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Office of Financial Management (OFM) hired C2 to assist their daily operations in accordance with statutory requirements and with an emphasis on sustaining its efforts regarding remediating audit findings and removing remaining control deficiencies. C2 was required to maintain the OFM's ACCESS based financial analysis tool in order to improve financial management and systems, evaluate and execute processes to accumulate and prepare accounting and budgetary information, and provide technical expertise to determine and resolve ambiguities in the financial data.

Department of Veterans Affairs

C2 has an extensive history working with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Most recently, C2 provided support to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) by improving the Business Relationship Management (BRM) system. In order to do so, C2 collected, analyzed, and reported on data associated with actual customer service/satisfaction measurements and customer satisfaction indexes, operational metrics, and IT business data. The support C2 provided included data management and warehousing, organizational planning and business process re-engineering, performance dashboards, project management and quality control, and training for employees.

General Services Administration

The General Services Administration (GSA) awarded C2 a five-year contract to provide all management, supervision, and manpower to support their primary financial system. The purpose of the contract was to support GSA's financial statement system and Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System (GTAS) information preparation. C2's financial services were able to handle the variability of workload from increasing GTAS and other reporting requirements. Also, C2's technical team was able to input, clean, prepare and extract data from the GTAS reporting databases. Overall, C2 was able to organize, adjust, and balance the overall accounting and financial system of the GSA.