Leadership Team

Gary E. Shumaker, President & CEO

Gary Shumaker is a service-disabled veteran and an industry veteran.

As President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of C2 Solutions Group, Gary is responsible for driving the company's incredible success and mapping out its continued growth within the competitive field of government contracting. His leadership and business skills come from many years of service to the government, the industry, and to our country.

Before joining C2 in 2005, Gary served Gary served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Access Systems, Inc., one of the stars of the Small Business Administration 8(a) program. Under his leadership, Access tripled in size in 2003 and grew by another 60 percent in 2004. Prior to his tenure with Access, Gary served as COO of Multimax, Inc., another highly successful 8(a) company that grew at an average of 25 percent per year during his tenure. Gary also served as a business development executive for SIGNAL Corporation, a firm so successful that it voluntarily exited the 8(a) program early and was subsequently sold for $225 million. Before joining the government contracting community, Gary served as an Officer in the U.S. Army for the first 20 years of his career.

Gary holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a Master's degree in Telecommunications, both from Michigan State University.

Brian K. Newell, Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President of C2 Solutions Group, Brian is responsible for driving business and operational development for the company, developing and managing sales strategies as well as identifying near and long-term growth opportunities.  He is a seasoned business executive with more than 20 years of experience with a strong focus on business development in commercial and government sectors.

Before starting C2, Brian served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Revolent Technologies, which experienced a 50% increase in revenue, profitability and staff under his leadership.  He also held key business development leadership positions as Director of Federal Sales at Paragon Imaging and Vice President of Business Development at AperServ Technologies as well as Senior Business Development Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.